Interview with Noah St. John, author of The Book of Afformations

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WomanLookingAtWater Depositphotos 1676007 xs 300x298 Interview with Noah St. John, author of The Book of AfformationsI’ve always been a little dismissive of affirmation-based self-help advice but after interviewing Noah about his new work, The Book of Afformations (the typo is deliberate) I have to admit to being more than a little curious.


David: Noah, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions about your book. Let’s start off with what inspired you to write this book and who you feel will most benefit from it?

Noah St. John: Thanks David. I discovered Afformations on the morning April 24, 1997 in The Shower That Changed Everything when I asked myself a simple question that changed my life…

“Why are we going around saying statements we don’t believe, when the human mind automatically responds to something even more powerful?”

That’s when I invented Afformations – empowering questions that immediately change your subconscious thought patterns from negative to positive.

I think the people who will benefit most from The Book of Afformations are the people who have already spent lots of money on every self-help or “money-making” program out there… but still feel stuck.

That’s because Afformations have helped over 250,000 people in 178 countries to make more money, lose weight, improve relationships, and find peace of mind faster, easier, and with far less effort.

David: So what’s the difference between an afformation and an affirmation (aside from the spelling)?

Noah: An affirmation is a positive statement of something you would like to be true in your life.

For example, a classic affirmation is, “I am rich.”

The problem is, when most people say “I am rich”, the very next though in their brain is, “Yeah, right!”

The problem is that most people don’t believe the positive statements they’re saying.

That’s why I invented Afformations, which are empowering questions that activate your brain’s embedded presupposition factor – which means that when you ask a question, your brain is wired to start searching for the answers.

David: Some people – myself included – are very skeptical of these kinds of self-help teachings; what would you say to encourage them to approach this with an open mind?

Noah: The reason people are sceptical of “self-help” teachings is that they’ve spent lots of money on them… and they haven’t produced the results they were hoping for.

For example, Brandon was an insurance salesman from Salt Lake City. He had spent over $30,000 on every self-help program under the sun… but he was still stuck, broke, and making less than $1,500 a month.

After he heard about Afformations from a friend, Brandon decided to try it – even though he was very skeptical. But the results were amazing. In the first 30 days of using Afformations, Brandon’s sales tripled.

And by the end of the year, his income had increased more than 560% over the previous year.

David: And what would you say is the most outstanding example of someone who has benefited from your afformation strategy?

Noah: Thousands of people have written to me from around the world, thanking me for giving them “the missing piece” and the “secret sauce” to an abundant lifestyle.

While I couldn’t pick one single story out of the thousands, one of my favorite real-life Afformations success stories comes from Susan, who came to us “penniless” (her word) and $56,000 in credit card debt. She had also spent tens of thousands of dollars on every “self-help” program out there, but was definitely struggling.

She heard about Afformations from a friend and decided to try it. In less than 6 months, Susan had found a job as a TV producer for a national television show, had built a six-figure income, and has just finished writing her first book.

We also have stories of people who have used Afformations to find the love of their lives, grow their business, get more clients, and find freedom and happiness.

David: Last, but not least, of course I should ask, when and where will the book be available?

Noah: The Book of Afformations is available everywhere books are sold or at

Go to and you can get up to $500 worth of breakthrough performance training FREE when you order the book.

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