Lucid SEO 2012 – Free For The First Time

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lucidseo2012 cover 300x238 Lucid SEO 2012   Free For The First TimeThe Strategy That Attracted Over 1.6 Million Visitors!

A short while ago I update the Lucid SEO manual – it’s got some new links, some updated info, and I’ve streamlined it even further to make it as simple and straightforward as possible.

I quietly placed it on sale a couple of days ago for $27, but that’s only half the story…

…you see my master plan was to make it available, behind closed doors…

…absolutely free.


If you’re wondering why I’m doing this…

Well, I could spin you some lines about wanting to give back to the IM community, and information wanting to be free, and my heart of gold, etc.

But I’m not going to condescend you with that rubbish.

It’s simple…

When you register to get the Lucid SEO (2012 edition) for free, I’m going to make you, what I think, is a really great offer.

If you’re not interested, no problem, the new Lucid SEO report is yours to keep, no strings attached.

All I ask is that you spare me 1-2 mins to check out the offer and at least give it some consideration.

Sound fair?



Best wishes,

David Congreave

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